Monday, 19 January 2015

Ageing, Physical Activity, Recreation and Well Being Conference

Following the success of last year's 'Ageing, Physical Activity, Recreation and Well Being' Conference, the conference will run again with a new theme 'Reaching diverse communities' on 11th June 2015.

Last year's conference was held in the Gateway Building and attracted around 200 visitors. This multi-disciplinary conference  was hosted by Bucks New University, 'Movers & Shakers' and the Institute for Sport, Exercise, Recreation and Well-being.

The conference was held to raise awareness between policy-makers, the public and many older people who do not always fully appreciate either the importance of physical activity and recreation in elders' lives or the options available to deal with the process of ageing and wellbeing. There is an emerging body of knowledge available that suggests it is paramount to maintain an active lifestyle to avoid medical conditions and counteract the effects of ageing.

Currently, 23% of the population in Buckinghamshire are 60 years and over and this percentage is expected to rise to 40% by 2026. In every continent people are living longer lives in the 21st century. Older people are predicted to make up 22% of the world population with an increase in each major sector of the globe by 2050.

As part of the conference activities, Movers & Shakers demonstrated initiatives and welcomed all members of the community - in particular older people who were wanting to find out more about ageing well and the Movers & Shakers health and wellbeing initiative.

Following the conference the organisers were invited by a publishing company (Cambridge Scholars) to compile the conference papers into an edited book with title 'Ageing, Physical Activity and Well Being'. The book will be available to the public in 2016.

Pictured in the photo from left: Professor Carol Cutler-Riddick (keynote speaker, Gallaudet University, USA), Professor Barbara Humberstone (conference organiser - BNU), Dr Cassandra Phoenix (keynote speaker, Exeter University), Dr Maria Konstantaki (conference organiser - BNU) and Olga McBarnett (Bucks County Council Community Lead & Movers and Shakers).

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